4 Incredible Alternatives For Depilation Of The Intimate Area Completely Without Pain!

4 Incredible Alternatives For Depilation Of The Intimate Area Completely Without Pain!

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When summer arrives there is nothing more appropriate to combine the bikini on the beach than a correct and neat depilation of our intimate area. For this, there are numerous options in aesthetic centers that do this procedure quickly and without pain; however, many and many are embarrassed to expose to others that delicate and intimate area. In addition to this (and depending on the type of treatment) the costs can leave hit in our pocket.

For this reason, today we will teach you how to properly depilate this area. You must completely remove those taboos which indicate that an annoying and painful process. If done in the proper way you will not have any problems and you will get an even better finish than the professional. Join us to find out how.

The 4 types of effective depilation you can take

Now, we tell you that you have a whole repertoire to choose if you want to do this in the comfort of your home. Gone are the painful moments for what was happening in doing this; today there are safe procedures to make it an enjoyable experience. Some of these are:

Razor blade: It is the most universal and used by all of us. With the new shavers equipped with bands against the irritation we will avoid the annoying itches of before. It is a very simple method that will cut the hair to the surface of our skin.

Depilatory creams: They are small masks that are applied for a certain time in the area and that manage to weaken the hair and then remove itby half piece of plastic. Although it is painless the components of these creams can cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Wax: This is applied in the area with the aid of a spatula, a kind of band is applied and is withdrawn quickly in the opposite direction where the hairs grow. Removal of this should be quick to avoid small bruises in the area. There are as many cold as hot and, as you imagine, the pain is not exempt from these.

Electric machines: More than completely eliminating the hairs of the place what is done is to reduce them to a height of a couple of millimeters. It is a quick and practical option that leaves no side effects like itching, pain or irritation. Depilation of the intimate part

Now, from the aforementioned methods, the most effective and painless to remove all hair are razor blades and depilatory creams. Therefore, we will focus our attention on these two, working both explanations for both men and women. Depilation by means of blades 

Although you may have already done this a couple of times you may have experienced some unpleasant effects such as itching or irritation. That is why, the steps that we will write below are exempt from these for you to enjoy a hair without pain.

Step 1: The first thing we should do is try to trim as much as we can the groups of hairs in the area. They do not have to be perfect or even as we only do it to shave the area more easily. Do this by pulling them in your direction and lower them to a height of 0.6 millimeters. You can also choose to lower them with an electric machine.

Step 2:After this, we must take a prolonged shower (if possible with hot water) to stimulate the skin follicles so that the hairs soften. You can also choose to place a damp cloth in place for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Exfoliate the area with the product of your preference after following step 2. Apply gel to shave the in place; preferably choose the colorless and unscented to see completely what you are doing. Some shaving creams may irritate some types of skins so better try on a small area before distributing it all over the place.

Step 4: Get a new blade that has the most razor blade. Depilate the area with slow movements in the opposite direction where the hairs grow with a semi horizontal inclination. Soak the blades constantly during the procedure and exfoliate the place again after you have finished. Depilation by means of creams

Step 1: The first thing to consider is hygiene before you start. Carefully clean the area with a special bath directed to that place. Use exfoliating creams to eliminate possible dead cells that are there. Step 2: Although depilatory creams completely eliminate hairs; we can make this process more enjoyable and less painful if there is less quantity. Therefore, you can pass an electric machine around the area to contribute to these aspects. Step 3: Moisten the spot with a damp cloth to stimulate the follicles. Apply the depilatory cream with circular movements leaving a layer of this one of a couple of millimeters. Leave it to rest for 3 to 5 minutes without exceeding this time limit. Step 4: 

 Finally, you only have to remove the cream; for this either there are special towels that come with cream or small plastic spatulas. Whatever it is, do it in the opposite direction where the hairs grow by removing them with a horizontal angle of 45 degrees. Wash the area well and Ready! You will have hair removed correctly and without adverse effects. [td_smart_list_end]

Additional tips on hair removal

Today you have learned to epilate your inner part easily and simply , but to complement what we have taught you today, we also bring you a series of extra recommendations to complement this elimination process. Pay attention to the next selection!

Just after waxing you should try to avoid wearing tight fitting underwear. This can cause that, even if you have done a correct hair removal, your skin is irritated or, worse still, that the hair grows inwards causing an incarnation. Instead, wear loose clothing.

Avoid dry hair ; always have the area you cut out.

Do not constantly review the same place, this can cause you to become angry and uncomfortable.

You can use Aloe Vera as a shaving gel you plan to do it by means of blades.

Exfoliate before and after you carry it out.

Be sure to moisturize well after 30 minutes of carrying out the depilation.

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