Anti-Stress Super Foods! Say Goodbye To Stress With These Simple Adjustments In Your Meals!

Anti-Stress Super Foods! Say Goodbye To Stress With These Simple Adjustments In Your Meals!

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When we are stressed we are able to devour a chocolate tablet in a few minutes. However, resorting to food when we are nervous is a bad solution for many reasons: a diet rich in sugar is harmful to health and also fattening. On the other hand, sweets increase the concentration of sugar in the blood, which, after the “rush”, causes decay. Another consequence is the proliferation of free radicals, which results in the oxidation of tissues.

Stress is the response emitted by an organism to stimuli perceived as threatening. Many times stress increases when we want something and we do not reach it, or when there is uncertainty about the future, etc.

If stress is part of your daily life, there are certain foods that can help you fight it, here we propose the following:

1- Fruits and Vegetables

All rich in vitamin B and C (tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, oranges, banana, kiwis …)

2- Fish

Blue fish such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies … have many vitamins, minerals and trace elements to combat stress. They are the best for their quality-price.

3- Dairy

All milk derivatives contain vitamins and minerals to avoid stress.

4- Bread

Fiber is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and, especially, to protect the stomach, one of the main affected by stress. Better the normal bread than the mold, and better still the integral. Also complete breakfast cereals and whole biscotti for snack or snack (with tuna filling and very little fattening)

5- Canned and Frozen

Canned tuna, sardines or cockles are excellent food and low in fat. From the section of frozen vegetables and seafood, none of the dishes precooked. Cans of vegetables and vegetables to prepare in salads or with vinaigrette.

6- Drinks

In addition to milk. Juices, packaged have too many sugars. Soft drinks: better light or without caffeine. Milk with cocoa when we are down and soluble cereals to replace the coffee. For a treat: a good wine.

7- Condiments

Sprig of parsley, helps to absorb iron, an essential mineral to be strong. Oregano or cinnamon to give us the senses and make us feel better.

8- Whims

We all have our anti-stress foods (chocolate, sweets, nuts …) but knowing that they are for emergency cases and in small doses.

An anti-stress trick and anti-calories is to always have a bar of liquor on hand in case it gives us hunger between hours: besides calming it without giving just calories, it has a great anti-stress effect.


If you are subjected to stress or feel mentally and physically exhausted, take yeast beer, it is a nutritional supplement rich in proteins and vitamins that has anti-stressing and detoxifying properties.

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