Say Goodbye To Tight Shoes Pain Forever With This Genius Home Trick!

Say Goodbye To Tight Shoes Pain Forever With This Genius Home Trick!

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An average person will walk thousands of miles throughout life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of this distance will be walked on uncomfortable shoes that do not fit properly on our feet. These when they are too tight, loose or without sufficient support, can cause unwanted stress on the feet, ankles, lower leg, hip and spine. This constant pressure can cause pain and injury that can limit or prevent participation in work, sports and personal hobbies.

Other consequences for wearing a wrong shoe size

Similarly, too tight footwear can bring other short-term problems that, while they can be treated right away, are very annoying when walking. One of them is the generation of calluses at the base of the feet, as well as the famous bunions, that deviation that can be observed in many people in the area of the big toe.

Also, the appearance of ingrown toenails is common, they are embedded in the skin causing pain whenever there is contact in the affected region, and it is difficult and painful to remove one of these.

How to enlarge the shoes in case they are tight?

It is common to hate when this happens with any type of footwear, especially with newly purchased shoes that may not have taken the appropriate time to measure it well. You should not worry, there is a trick that will allow you to stretch a few centimeters so that the foot can easily enter and stay as comfortable as possible.

The technique consists in grabbing two plastic bags and filling them with a quart of water. It must be ensured that there is no loss of liquid, it is recommended that the bag has a zipper, closure, or is tightly closed. Then, they are placed inside the shoe and taken to the freezer, in the course of the hours the water will have frozen expanding the area of the shoes.

These when removed from the freezer, should wait about 20 minutes or half an hour for the ice to melt, then remove the ice packs. In any case that has been wetted a little inside, it will suffice to dry it with a cloth or place it in the sun.

Does it really work?

Many are asked that question and the truth is that if, in particular, it works with those that are made of leather, however, the trick is very useful for those that are made of plastic or artificial leather. Some people say that it has not worked, probably due to the small amount of water they put in the bags. Anyway, when a very long time passes, the procedure must be repeated to re-stretch the leather sufficiently.

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