Discover Why The Chinese Call This Genius Mix A “Miraculous Drink”!

Discover Why The Chinese Call This Genius Mix A “Miraculous Drink”!

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We know that traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest in history and that it uses the resources provided by nature to produce medicines that are still used today.

This time we want to offer part of this knowledge that has transpired over the years so you can benefit from this drink that activates  blood circulation  and gives you a combination of  specially selected  vitamins  and  minerals that you will notice almost instantly an impulse of  energy  and  vitality  at the same time that will help you to be protected from other diseases.

It is the combination of four commonly used vegetables  that are characterized by being easy to obtain and at the same time extremely economical.

The ingredients to prepare this Chinese remedy that strengthens the organs are:

– 1 medium beet

– 1 carrot girl.

– 1 apple.

– Juice of a lemon.


First,  we must wash all these ingredients very well since we will use them without peeling and including the husks that also contain important vitamins .

We will cut each ingredient into small pieces and place everything in a blender together with the lemon juice. Blend for one minute or until the consistency becomes creamy. If the preparation is too thick, add a little water.

Consume this drink on an empty stomach and wait at least 1 hour to have your usual breakfast. You can also take another dose at night before going to bed.

As each organism works differently and assimilates  nutrients  differently, this treatment can be effective over a  month  while other people need a little more time to achieve the expected effects.

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