The Extraordinary Delicious Green Coffee With Stunning Properties That Most People Have Not Heard Of!

The Extraordinary Delicious Green Coffee With Stunning Properties That Most People Have Not Heard Of!

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Little is known about this way of processing, or recommended not to process, the traditional coffee beans, in this post discover the spectacular benefits of green coffee, not only for your body and weight (which does wonders) but in aspects as important as concentration , blood pressure, or regulation of sugar levels.

We are more accustomed to taking the roasted grain, but green coffee offers many beneficial properties: it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps regulate blood pressure and glucose levels.

We usually associate the color green with the natural and the healthy. And in the case of green coffee our thought is fulfilled! This unroasted grain has many properties and it would be good if you knew them.

Green coffee: less popular, healthier

The coffee is dark in color. Green coffee has been available in stores for a very short time, and there is talk of it in publications. Studies on this grain are very recent, but what is already known is that it is a very powerful food.

What is the difference between “common” and green coffee? Basically the type of treatment they receive. The first is roasted and the second is left as it is, ie as it is extracted from the plant. But it is the same grain, although the green is more natural and its nutrients are intact. The aroma is less intense and the taste a little more bitter, but it is worth trying.

The main components of coffee beans are caffeine and chlorogenic acid. When they go through the roasting process, the action of the first one increases and the second one is reduced. However, when left to natural, the nutrient that is most present is the last.

Studies have proven that chlorogenic acid is a potent antioxidant that brings many benefits to our health. It is recommended for diabetics, hypertensives and heart patients. It also helps to lower volume.

It also reduces the action of free radicals that damage cells. And not only that, because it also strengthens the cells and avoids the effects of stress and nerves. In turn, it neutralizes the carcinogenic compounds in the body and prevents them from mutating in the DNA.

This excellent tonic, which regenerates and eliminates toxins, can also help us:

Balancing glucose

The metabolism of blood sugar is unbalanced when we suffer from diabetes. Green coffee has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels, so it is recommended in patients with this disease (especially type II).

Treating arthritis and rheumatism

The two most common ailments in older people can become incapacitating to perform everyday tasks. To mitigate the symptoms (inflammation, redness and especially pain) green coffee is of great help. This is due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Relieve concentration

The consumption of an infusion made with green coffee beans or the intake of the extract (bought in naturist homes) serves to increase brain activity. As a result, concentration and attention increase, as well as memory. It is recommended for times of hard work, study or obligations.

Reduce blood pressure

Again we have to talk about chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for offering this benefit in people who drink green coffee. The recommended dose to be able to regulate high blood pressure is half a cup a day. It can also be consumed by those with hypotension.

Other Benefits of Green Coffee

In addition to the above, this rich infusion serves to:

  • Prevent the formation of gallstones and kidney stones
  • Increase energy and reduce chronic fatigue
  • Help stop smoking and alcohol addiction
  • Detoxify the body of environment pollutants
  • Stimulate physical activity
  • Helping digestion
  • Fight migraine

Green coffee to reduce

Research in the United States indicates that green coffee has the ability to dissolve the lipids that accumulate in the body and, therefore, help us to reduce volume. It is used in people with obesity so that they can reach their ideal volume. It is estimated that about 10% of lipids are reduced only by drinking this infusion.

It is worth clarifying the green coffee alone does not do and we must accompany it with a balanced diet and physical exercise several times a week.

How does green coffee work to make us thin? The properties of the unroasted grains are:

Promotes thermogenesis

By increasing body temperature (as with ginger, for example), the metabolic processes of calorie burning accelerate.

Transforms lipid reserves

Green coffee helps the lipids we accumulate in different parts of the body to become heat energy. What does this mean? That you will have more strength to train, exercise or perform your daily activities … As you lose volume!

Increases the lipolytic process 

The ability to metabolize deposited lipids in soft adipose tissue is enhanced by drinking green coffee. Therefore, our figure will look slimmer in less time.

Fight cellulite

While it is not a specific problem for obese women (thin ones may also have orange peel), green coffee helps to reduce the picture. This is achieved due to the draining and lipolytic actions of the unroasted grain.

It quenches the appetite

Drinking a cup of green coffee gives us a feeling of satiety for longer. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it when we have much appetite or we are about to give us a binge by anxiety or boredom. It is also good one hour before lunch or dinner to eat less.

The procedure is simple: the infusion increases the intestinal secretion of a neuripéptido in charge of sending signals to the brain when the stomach is full.

We recommend that you always consult your doctor and make medical checks if your health needs it. We only give you an informative point of reference.

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