Solve The Problems With Anemia, Cholesterol And Obesity!

Solve The Problems With Anemia, Cholesterol And Obesity!

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Wheat grass, also called wheat grass, is the tender blade of the wheat plant and is only one of the group known as “cereal grasses”, including barley, millet, oats , rye and others.

All of them are part of the group of “green superaliments”, which intuit spirulina and several microalgae.

Its healing properties have been known since antiquity, since in an ancient biblical manuscript the wheatgrass is described as the perfect food that solves problems with anemia and obesity.

However, it was in the 1930s that scientists showed interest in this herb to improve the nutritional value of animal feed. They discovered that wheat and other plants supplied to livestock produced a sensational increase in the production of eggs and milk.

It is believed that the factors responsible for this increase are the balance of the enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients they contain.

Nutritive and healing benefits

Wheatgrass is now available in many markets as a source of concentrated feed.

This fresh herb contains numerous enzymes and amino acids, as well as vitamins A, C, E and K and calcium , magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium. Likewise, it has up to 40% protein, which makes it a highly recommended food in any healing process including solving problems with anemia and obesity.

The solid content of the wheat grass consists of 70% of chlorophyll, of great resemblance to the molecules of hemoglobin. It stimulates cardiac functions and enhances the vascular system, intestines, uterus and lungs.

Chlorophyll is also good for anemia and has a dilating effect on blood vessels, thereby counteracting hypertension. It is a powerful antioxidant that acts as a fantastic detoxifying blood.

In addition, chlorophyll has the ability to heal infected and ulcerated wounds as well as common skin conditions. It has antiseptic properties and is very effective in treating bleeding gums, ulcers, gingivitis and throat irritation.

Similarly, wheatgrass is considered a remedy to raise platelets. To do this, you should mix 1/3 cup of wheatgrass with ½ cup of orange juice and drink it daily.

In summary, wheatgrass properties are as follows:

– Rich in nutrients
– Food
– High protein content
– Abundant in chlorophyll
– Purifies blood
– Antiseptic

Juices with wheat grass

Juice #1 with wheat grass for anemia


– 1 tray of fresh wheatgrass

-1 blender


To separate the wheatgrass pick up a handful of leaves and, with a sharp knife, cut them above the level of the soil fertilized. Rinse with cold water and put them in the blender already on. Push the wheat grass until the juice appears. Repeat the operation two or three times. Take two tablespoons of the liquid each day.

Juice #2 with wheatgrass to lose weight and eliminate obesity


– 1 handful of wheatgrass
– 2 oranges (your juice)
– water/ice


Add the orange juice and some extra water if desired and add the wheatgrass (if you do not have a powerful mixer, it is best to liquefy it first). Then beat until smooth and add the fruit.

Continue to process intermittently until the beverage reaches the desired consistency. This juice contains orange to soften its intense flavor and add vitamin C and potassium.

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