10 Ways Of Sitting That Reveal Our Personality Type! Which Type Are You?

10 Ways Of Sitting That Reveal Our Personality Type! Which Type Are You?

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Body language has been under study for a long time because it seems to reveal details of our personality that even we do not perceive. Just as touching your nose shows that perhaps the person is saying something that is not so true or crossing their arms when we talk to someone proves to be on the defensive, there is a very detailed study of the way we sit.

You may not have realized it, but the way we sit is inherent in each of us.

This body language is a totally unconscious form of communication that can reveal to what extent the people around us make us feel good, bad, make us uncomfortable or we like. The way we sit is a real source of information that we can learn to read both ourselves and others.

The truth is that we spend a lot of time sitting and during all this time the others see us and judge us, even without their own perception. In each posture, our body and our brain generate very particular emotions that modify our mood throughout the day.

How do we recognize and establish an interpretation of the position we adopt when we sit down?

Would you like to know what the way we sit reveals about our personality? This would allow you at the same time to analyze others that you have around you and know something more of your personality even without talking to them.

1) Cross-legged: This should be one of the most common positions of sitting especially for women and for those who see it represents a sign of dominance of the situation but combined with traits of affable person. Women who sit cross-legged are perceived as very feminine. In addition, those who sit cross-legged but support the ankle in the knee are played as more docile and simple but at the same time less dominant.

As for men who feel this way, the position reveals an idea of a masculine man and open to dialogue.

These types of people demonstrate a sociable personality, who invite to see things in a positive way, at the same time that they are perceived as workers and restless.

2) Sit face-to-face: People who sit face-to-face looking forward demonstrate self-confidence. They never doubt that they have made a fair decision and stand firm in their positions. He likes to have control of the situation and be aware of everything that happens.

On the other hand, all these characteristics make this person someone reliable in both personal and work relationships and tend to be the first to arrive to help in a difficult time.

3) Hands on the knees: People who sit with their hands on their knees are perceived by others as natural leaders, confident and confident and knowing that they transmit that image to others.

This position is usually adopted by people with determination and who are always attentive. They are people who are not afraid to accept challenges and assume responsibilities not only in relation to themselves but also in what concerns the decisions of others.

People who adopt this position when they sit know how to face problems and difficulties and quickly find a solution to any eventuality that arises.

4) With the legs together and the hands between the knees: These are people who are sweet, sensitive and who like everyone. They like to participate in everything they can to help when they find someone in difficulties and do not hesitate to get involved to find a solution. We may find some feature of shyness in these people and that sometimes leads them to take decisions even if they have been good.

5) Sit with folded arms: These people reveal to be serious and have a strong character. They have deep thoughts and often adopt a thoughtful expression and a serious face. They often have doubts about themselves and find it hard to open up to others, but when they do, they become very loyal friends.

6) Sit with crossed ankles: This is a cross-legged variant and reveals a leader personality who always wants to be informed and have everything under control. Perhaps some of its features make others see this person as a bit authoritarian but likes to make friends and is very jealous of their relationships with others.

7) With the legs together: This attitude denotes a sign of rigidity that makes others perceive this person as unshakable and hard but as others manage to approach them they can recognize that it is a person kind, kind and sincere. However, they prefer to be direct when they deal with serious issues. She likes punctuality, is meticulous and prefers to have an organized plan of her daily activities. People who sit with their legs together leave nothing to chance and do not like improvisations.

8) Sit leaning forward: This position reveals a curious and open personality to meet new people. He likes to get carried away by whatever comes up and is interested in everything. They know how to like others, likes to flatter others and do not hesitate to flatter their interlocutor if they consider it appropriate.

9) Sit leaning back: These people denote being sensitive and kind people who are never indifferent to what others feel. They are determined and act with care after having analyzed very well what they are going to do. Before embarking on the adventure of an important project, they observe very well and for a long time the pro and the contra in order to make the best decision.

10) Sit with your legs apart: These people often have difficulty concentrating on important things because they are often distracted in things that are not so much. They tend to exaggerate any problem but at the same time draw forces from the situation to try to do the best in terms of finding solutions.

In addition, they do not like to be attached to formalisms and evidenced in their way of dressing always wearing comfortable and casual clothes.

Other details that reveal a lot:

Throughout our lives we make many changes and personality is no exception. That’s why I tend to think that while the essence of each will always be there, some personality traits can change over time.

But our way of sitting is something that will hardly undergo modifications throughout our lives because perhaps this feature is tied to something that has to do with the essence of each person. That is, we will always sit more or less the same but we can at the same time reveal some details of our personality or what is happening to us at that moment while we are sitting.

Let’s see some examples:

– Those who sit using the entire surface of the chair or the chair are energetic and ambitious. The more they cling to their place the more tenacious and bold they reveal themselves.

– Those who sit using the entire surface of the chair or the chair but are changing positions and cross the legs are voluptuous and like to show and stand out.

– Those who feel heavy dropping feel depressed and discouraged and believe that they will not be able to take control of their lives.

– Those who sit in the middle of the chair join their feet and keep their legs parallel reveal a methodical, careful and orderly personality.

– Those who sit on the edge of the chair and move permanently as if they do not find a comfortable position are usually shy and withdrawn.

– Those who sit leaning their legs on a table or on another chair reveal an open, charismatic and uninhibited personality.

– Those who sit while moving all the time, leaning their arms on the back of the chair beside and stand permanently feel nervous and threatened.

– Those who sit with their forearms resting on their legs denote confidence in their interlocutor and want to establish a relationship of friendship and cordiality.

– Those who sit near the door show signs of mistrust and fear.

– Those who cross the entire room and choose carefully where to sit are bold and denote courage.

– Those who take your chair and place it according to your convenience whether to see better or to listen better or to be seen show that they feel at ease in the place where they are and intend to be noticed.

And what about good manners?

Sitting well also shows a sign of good education and respect for the interlocutors. Let’s see what things we must take into account in this regard.

– Sit discreetly, without pulling the chair and taking care not to knock the feet of someone close by.

– Leave your feet under the chair once you have seated and do not spread them carefree at the risk of hitting or stepping on the foot of another person nearby. If you want to adopt a more relaxed position make sure you do not collide with anyone.

– Keep your torso and shoulders straight. Do not relax too much in the chair.

– If you are sitting in an armchair do not overstress yourself, that is, do not publicly adopt a position as if you were “at home”.

– If you arrive as a guest somewhere wait for your host to tell you when to sit and where to do it. The same in case it is a job interview.

Have you figured out which of these positions you identify with? This information can be very useful in cases of job interviews or when we meet someone for the first time, either to know the traits of their personality or to know what image we want to transmit.

If you know someone who has a job interview or a special meeting with someone else, maybe you can be very helpful in sharing these personality traits.

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