Life Lessons: 15 Things That People Regret The Most For Not Doing Before Leaving This World!

Life Lessons: 15 Things That People Regret The Most For Not Doing Before Leaving This World!

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I once heard someone say, “Life is three days and two have already passed.” Yes, it may sound a bit extreme, but the point is that when you reach a certain age this reflection no longer seems so exaggerated, but rather a summary of what has been lived to the present. And then they begin to appear these questions that at some point arrive to us: Where do I go? Why did not I…? Why did not I say …?

For a few there may be an answer, but the vast majority will find themselves searching in memory and in the history of their lives an explanation for all that could have been and was not.

And believe it or not, repentance for all that we would have liked to do and never materialize for various reasons begins to make a dent and lamentation can quickly turn into depression.

The passage of time not only supposes that some opportunities were allowed to escape, but rather the physical does not accompany us to perform certain tasks for which it is necessary to have a physical condition according.

That is why, today that you are still young or that although you are not so much, your body responds to your demands, reflects and analyzes on this list of things, made by those who asked many questions when there was no return.

1. Not having known other places: We work, we save and when it comes time to enjoy, the money is going on other priorities. Even if you say that The Pyramids of Egypt will always be there, do not let it pass. Do it now that you can!

2. Not having learned another language: You always hummed that song that you loved but never knew what the lyrics said. Why not start this week with the language course you always wanted to talk about? It’s never too late to learn something new.

3. Ending a bad relationship: When we talk about “relationship” we do not always refer to a relationship, but also to friendships that leave us no good and only bitter our life. Get rid of toxic people today!

4. Not having sunscreen: A mistake of the youth. The sun is life, light and heat … and of course it is; but it is also wrinkles, spots on the skin and other more serious complications. Protect yourself!

5. Go to concerts of your favorite musicians: For them, too, time passes! When the occasion arises, be the first to buy the tickets for a concert of that artist that you are passionate about.

6. Excessive fear: Fear paralyzes. And it is like this: nothing would have been achieved if some brave, daring and daring had not dared to do something that might seem very risky or crazy. Cheer up!

7. Adapt to the role of your gender: Perhaps one of the most ingrained family mandates in many of us. Things for men … things for women … Get rid of stereotypes and do what you want!

8. Stay for years in a job you hate: We do not lose sight of the fact that there is often no alternative. You have to live and pay bills to live. But if your chance to leave that place that does not motivate you and where they do not value you appears, do not think twice. When something ends, something new always starts and it may even be better.

9. Fear of saying “I love you”: Waiting to be loved to take the first step can be the worst mistake of our lives. Do not let time pass to see how that person moves away never to return. Take the initiative and keep the peace of having done everything to get that love. What if the other is doing the same? Think about it!.

10. Worrying too much about what others think: This is something that almost no one escapes and that each individual must solve for himself. Others will never stop thinking about things that usually do not know anything. No one knows you better than yourself. “To foolish words, deaf ears.” Concentrate on your goals because no one can live your life.

11: Not having thanked received: Everything happens for a reason and every situation that goes through our lives or each person that crosses our path leaves us something to think about. Thank every thing that comes to you because all that has shaped the person you are.

12: Compromise eternally: No matter how hard we try, we are not the navel of the world. The sooner you understand and assume this, you will be able to enjoy the things that destiny has reserved for you.

13: To have been spiteful: The rancor only makes us lose opportunities. Thinking about the harm done to us by someone who may not even remember us is useless and poisons the soul. Do not lose energy for important things by clinging to past situations. Let it go.

14: Have not asked your grandparents more things before losing them: Who does not remember anecdotes or things that our grandparents said? One day we regret not spending more time with them listening to their stories and receiving their advice. Enjoy them before they leave.

15: Not to have played more with your children: The agitated life, the worries, the financial conflicts … everything conspires to take time from our children. Let not let time fly to suddenly see how they leave the nest or become strangers.

Remember: Do whatever you want to do, before it becomes what you “wish” to have done.

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