10 Powerful Characteristics of The Human Body And Organism That Only 5% Of People Have! Are You Among Them?

10 Powerful Characteristics of The Human Body And Organism That Only 5% Of People Have! Are You Among Them?

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We are all different, which is completely normal, but some people have rare body characteristics and powers that only a small percentage of people have.

One part is simply interesting physical body features, but others are so fascinating characteristics that even Superman would envy them.

Rare Characteristics That Only 5% Of People Have

Incredibly strong bones

By studying the LRP5 gene (responsible for bone mineralization), scientists detected a large number of mutations. Most of them cause diseases that are accompanied by bone fragility, such as osteoporosis.

But it turns out that there is also another type of mutation of the LRP5 gene. It gives human super strong bones that are basically unshakeable, and skin that is less prone to aging.

Of course this sounds fabulous, but it also has its flaws. For example, when an elderly patient needs a transplant of a worn joint, it can not be performed just because of their hard bones.

Blood of “gold”

Of course the blood can not be literally gold, but there is blood with a very rare property: it has no antigen. It is the blood of group 0.

This peculiarity was first discovered in 1961 in one of the Australian Aboriginal communities, and today it is known that there are only about 40 people with this blood group (which, of course, does not mean that there are only 40).

9 of them are very valuable donors, since their blood is compatible with any other group. Because of this value and the scarcity of this type of blood, the doctors call it “blood of gold”.

Muscle palmar long

This muscle is an atavism. It is an “inheritance” of our ancestors and frees the claws and intensifies the grip when jumping from one tree to another.

If you want to check whether you have it or not, just put your forearm on a smooth surface with the palm of the hand up, join the little finger and thumb, and then lift slightly.

If you see a ligament in the wrist, it means that you possess that strange muscle. But do not worry if you do not have it, in real life does not serve much.

Genetic chimerism

In the ancient Greek myths a chimera is a creature with head and neck of lion, body of goat and serpent tail. Of course, a person can not be half human, half animal, but he can combine two sets of DNA. For example, when during pregnancy an embryo absorbs a part of DNA from its twin.

Sometimes this manifests as a unique pattern in the skin or eyes of different color, but many times the person does not even suspect that in the organism there are tissues with different sets of genes.

Chimerism does not cause health problems, but it can lead to family problems. There is a case where a mother wanted to remove her children because the genetic analysis showed that she had no relationship with them. Fortunately, it was discovered that the woman had chimerism, therefore, the true “mom” of her children was her twin, whose DNA was present in her body.

Double row of lashes

The two rows of eyelashes are due to a rare genetic condition called “distichiasis”. The most famous owner of “double” eyelashes was Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor.

When Liz was small, her mother even criticized her for having painted her eyes to the girl: thanks to this mutation they looked like makeup.

Distichiasis usually does not cause any discomfort to the people who have it. But, in some cases, the second row of eyelashes can be placed too close to the mucosa of the eye and cause irritation.

Small hole next to the ear

We are all different, which is completely normal, but some people have rare characteristics that only a small percentage of people have.

One part are simply interesting physical features, but others are so fascinating that even Superman would envy them.

 Additional ribs

“Extra” ribs are usually detected in women. Apparently that’s why some people believe that women are born with more ribs than men, but it is not.

These types of ribs are also called cervical, since they are located in the cervical part of the column. Their size in different people varies: in some, they are only protuberances; In others, they are full ribs.

In most cases, these ribs do not affect the health and well-being of the person, but sometimes they become imposing in size and can cause discomfort.

The ability to perceive “invisible” colors.

Another strange skill that is usually found in women is tetracromatía, or the ability to distinguish color tones much better than normal people.

If you can see a dandelion as yellow, the tetracromata person will see a range of colors in the flower. This condition is caused by mutations on the X chromosome and gives the person additional cones (part of the eye that absorbs color waves).

Most people have 3 types of cones: they are adjusted to perceive waves of red, blue and green; While the tetracrómatas have 4. That is precisely why they can see up to 99 million colors, while an average person only perceives 1 million.

Low need for sleep

Maybe these people have more luck than all the others on our list. They are able to restore their forces twice as fast as most of us. Among these people were Margaret Thatcher, Salvador Dali, Winston Churchill, Nikola Tesla and others.

And it is not only a correct routine, but also the gene DEC2, whose small mutation was detected in people who sleep little. Scientists at the University of California at San Francisco have concluded that people with the mutation of the DEC2 gene can perform the same tasks in less time.

In other words, they sleep more efficiently than others. But how do they do it? Still not known.

Inability to raise cholesterol

Another group of lucky are people who can basically eat everything without thinking how that would affect their cholesterol level. The risk of developing heart disease in these people is reduced by 90%.

What happens is that they lack a couple of copies of the PCSK9 gene and, although in the majority of times the underdeveloped genes usually bring problems, in this case it is an advantage.

This discovery began to be used by pharmaceutical companies to create a substance that blocks PCSK9 in other people.

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