Reasons Why People Stay In A Relationship That Does Not Make Them Happy. Do You Think They Can Fix The Relationship?

Reasons Why People Stay In A Relationship That Does Not Make Them Happy. Do You Think They Can Fix The Relationship?

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We all know to recognize a relationship that makes us unhappy. Whether it is your sister or your boyfriend, your best friend and that girl who does not let you breathe … or yourself.

They constantly complain about their partner. Many times they talk about how much they would like to end the relationship, but they never do.

“I really love it” is the most popular answer and the most popular meaning is “I’m scared to be alone.”

In addition to the fear of loneliness, these are the 7 reasons why people are still hooked on relationships that do not make them happy. And none of them is valid.

Reasons Why People Stay In An Unhappy Relationship

1. Loneliness

Being alone does not mean that you are lonely!

Richard Linklater said it very well: “Being alone is better than sitting next to your partner and feel alone.”

Loneliness is a state of mind. Being single does not mean being alone. Loneliness passes in rooms full of people just as easily and often as when we are alone.

Maybe staying in an unhappy relationship prevents you from being alone, but it will not stop you from wanting to be with someone who does not make you feel so alone.

2. Fear

The fear of being alone is simply afraid of being alive. We were not born together. We can survive without the other. It is natural to be by yourself and spend your life as a single entity.

3. Guilt

Staying in a guilt-based relationship is as bad as eating an entire plate of brownies so no one knows you ate one.
When you stay with someone because you do not want to hurt him when he breaks, unconsciously – and sometimes consciously – you are hurting them.

4. Time

Saying “I’ve spent too much time in this relationship” is not a valid excuse.

Time is, indeed, something that people take away from us. But it is not wasted time. Every month, year or decade we spend in a relationship that did not work is simply a learning experience.

Each moment becomes part of your past and you should not be ashamed to have a past in which you had many ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. Show that you can give things a chance without being afraid to walk away when it is no longer working for you.

5. Monotony

The feelings that come with the transition from being in a relationship to being single are often felt as repetitive because you are not used to feeling that way. You’re not used to sleeping alone or having no one to send text messages during the day. These are only temporary adjustments. Give yourself time. You’ll get used to it.

That is not monotony. It is fear of what we do not know. Afraid not to depend on someone after so long. Missing someone once the relationship is over for so long is normal. But that does not mean that you are in love or that you have made a bad decision.

6. Things they share

So they share an apartment and have a dog together. Maybe they even invested in properties. These things can be divided.

Material things should not be decisive when it comes to leaving a relationship. Staying together for things is simply ignoring the problems that surround them.

7. Hope

It is true that sometimes things can change, but it is not usual. If you have been unhappy for a long time, do not hide in the hope that someday things will change.

For couples who are committed to marrying, breaking their vows should only happen when everything has been hopelessly lost. When you are in a relationship that may be easier to move away from, you should evaluate the severity of the problems and whether it is worth the time and effort to fix it.

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