The Way You Kiss Tells A Lot About You And Your Performance In Bed! What Does Your Kissing Say About You?

The Way You Kiss Tells A Lot About You And Your Performance In Bed! What Does Your Kissing Say About You?

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Your way of kissing will tell a woman how you will be in bed say experts in seduction.

For men, kissing is used as a means to an end, which is the love relationship. Men also try to use kissing as a means to fix things if there are arguments or problems, that is as a means to reconciliation. Men usually show more preference for tongue-to-tongue contact or open-mouth kisses than kisses on lips.

Men are more willing to have loving relationships with someone without kissing, while equally can do if the person is “bad kisser”, contrary to the attitude of the can, who put more importance in kissing both at the beginning and during the relationship .

Women on the other hand use kissing as a form of partner evaluation. They evaluate in detail the potential of the couple through the kiss, starting with the pheromone-type chemicals, body odor, breath, kissing, passion or disinterest in the kiss.

What do your kisses say about you?

Women also use kissing as a gesture of rapprochement and for monitoring the state of the relationship: if there are many kisses or few, something may or may not go well.

Do not drown it. A little action or movement of the tongue is fine, but not as if the tongues were in wrestling. Men are usually good at digging and going deep into the cavities of their beloved’s mouth, so it is advisable to stay on the front of the mouth.

Do not get bored. A man must have movements when kissing. Do not sit still and first of all use the whole body as hands and arms with simultaneous caresses. The hands have to move, they can not be still and should help the kisses in the expression of affection.

Do not piss her off. Some men think that kissing consists of a penetration of the tongue into the mouth, where the tongue comes in and out of it . Instead of these monotonous movements, try other patterns of movement such as game circles or different pressures or bites.

Do not scare her. Do not be of those people who devour the other, nor leave it with bruises or marks of teeth or marks of blood. It’s okay to ask her what she considers as a perfect kiss, let her do the work, take notice, learn and have fun. All people are different and she may be more passionate or more playful.

Relieve your kisses

Like many other skills, kissing technique can be recommended. Experts recommend having “different types of kissing”, each associated with a different technique or mouth movement and a particular effect.

Some types of kisses would be:

Vacuuming kiss: where you are going to absorb the other person’s air while kissing her, you will literally take her breath away.

Kiss on the neck. You will kiss in the neck, a very sensitive and erogenous area. It will have a sensual and tender effect.

Bad kisses. Bad kisses are easy to discover. They will stimulate the vomiting reflex, are static, repetitive and predictable. It varies speed, intensity and style.

Be spontaneous. The recommended kisses happen accidentally, do not do a predictable routine, but play with the environment and seduction.

We advise that you always consult your doctor and that you perform medical checks if your health needs it. We only give you an informative point of reference.

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