10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar That Will Make You Always Have It In Your Kitchen!

10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar That Will Make You Always Have It In Your Kitchen!

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Are you familiar with the benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar? If you do not know everything that this natural product is capable of doing beyond being a simple ingredient to prepare meals, we will detail some advantages of incorporating as a habit the consumption of apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is made by means of a long process of fermentation of carbohydrates. It is usually made from grapes, potatoes, coconut, beets and apples.

It consists of preserving the bioactive compounds of these products such as acetic acid, gallic acid, catechins, epicatechins, caffeic acid and others.

Apple cider vinegar is obtained thanks to the fermentation of fruit juice which along with yeast and bacteria causes the sugar to be transformed into alcohol and alcohol into vinegar.

As the fermentation process unfolds, vinegar has time to develop the turbid color we already know. This is a clear index of vinegar quality and indicates at the same time that it is ready to be consumed and that we can already use its numerous benefits.

We will not always find this color characteristic of pure vinegar because many are already sold filtered and pasteurized to acquire crystalline appearance. In any case it is still beneficial, although it loses much of its quality. That’s why we always recommend using organic products.

Let’s know 10 extremely important benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar that will make you incorporate without doubt this habit to your diet.

1) Alkalize the body: This product is ideal to reduce the overall acidity of our body and improve our health. Consuming one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day prevents the onset of serious and difficult to treat diseases.

Do not forget that a diet rich in fats, salt and processed foods unbalances the body’s natural pH and creates the ideal conditions for the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.

2) Improves digestion: If you have digestive problems, incorporate apple cider vinegar as a natural remedy. Slowly drink from a small sip a mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar diluted in a glass with water.

If you are sure that a diarrhea is caused by infection of a bacterium, apple cider vinegar will help control this problem thanks to its benefits and its antibiotic properties.

Apple cider vinegar also contains pectin, which contributes to calming intestinal spasms. You can dilute the vinegar not only in water but also in apple juice.

3) Stops hiccups: Have you had hiccups for hours? Hiccups can often be tenacious and stay in place for a long time to the point of getting tired.

Apple cider vinegar thanks to its sour taste could be the key to ending hiccups. Also, apple cider vinegar stimulates the nerves that are in the throat which are responsible for the spasms. One tablespoon will suffice.

4) Recover lost mineral salts: apple cider vinegar contains many different mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, fluorine and also iron.

The American doctor Clinton Jarvis, was convinced of the benefits of apple cider vinegar and managed to take advantage of that when he created the “Jarvis cocktail”. It is a vinegar-based drink used primarily by athletes to recover mineral salts that are lost during physical activity through sweat and effort.

This cocktail can also be used for diseases that produce profuse sweating like rubella, for example.

Here the recipe:

– 250 ml of water rich in sodium.

– 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

– 2 teaspoons of honey.

Mix these ingredients and drink. You can consume up to three per day, but not exceeding that amount.

5) It helps to lose weight: It has been proven that consumption of apple cider vinegar can cause the body to decrease the accumulation of fat in the internal organs.

In this way, apple cider vinegar becomes an ally for people who are facing problems of overweight and obesity.

Professionals recommend not using this product as a magic remedy to lose weight and we agree, but we know it can be very beneficial.

Consume 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day to speed up your metabolism.

Remember that this product should be consumed in moderation given its acidity.

6) Regulates blood glucose: An American study published in 2004 in the journal “Diabetes Care” demonstrates the positive influence of apple cider vinegar on glycemia (blood glucose).

During this research, people suffering from type II diabetes consumed a solution of apple cider vinegar before eating a meal rich in sugar and the result showed that glycemia increased less thanks to apple cider vinegar.

The significant improvement was seen more in pre-diabetic individuals (34%) than in type II diabetics (19%), but the benefit remained remarkable.

Since consuming apple cider vinegar does not replace any treatment but can be a complement to help treat type II diabetes. If you want to try this experience, mix 25 ml of apple cider vinegar in 40 ml of water together with a little sweetener.

7) Reduce cholesterol levels: We all know the dangers of high cholesterol, which is equivalent to a heart risk that is always latent. Therefore, lowering cholesterol levels is a priority for people who are in this situation.

A study carried out in 2006 showed that acetic acid contained within apple vinegar allowed lower cholesterol levels in rats.

At the same time, a Japanese study showed that daily consumption of 15 ml of apple cider vinegar (about a tablespoon) helped to lower cholesterol levels.

8) Relieves sore throats: Sore throats could be said to be almost sudden. We slept well and in the morning we felt a slight sting when swallowing. As soon as you feel these symptoms, drink some apple cider vinegar.

Apparently, most microbes can not survive in an acid environment like vinegar. Bad news for them, for the benefit of your well-being.

To be more precise, it will be sufficient to mix apple cider vinegar and warm water in equal parts and gargle once per hour until symptoms disappear.

9) Relieves mycosis of the skin: Apple cider vinegar helps fight against dermatophytosis, an infection of the skin that can also affect the nails. The symptoms of these infections can be seen by red circles on the skin or discolored and thicker nails.

It is a fairly common condition and also quite contagious when there is skin-to-skin contact between humans and even between animals.

It is known the good result that is obtained through apple vinegar to treat fungi in general and that is why we can apply it several times a day in the affected area.

It is necessary that the apple cider vinegar is in contact with the skin for several hours to obtain the expected results. In case the infection has spread considerably, consult a specialist.

10) Debugging kidneys: Do you have kidney stones? Do you have urinary tract infections? In this case you should start today to create the habit of consuming two tablespoons of vinegar a day.

It is also recommended in these cases to consume large amounts of water, fruit water without sweeteners and avoid very salty foods for a couple of weeks.


Even though apple cider vinegar is very effective in many home treatments, it is important to take care not to overindulge in consumption since it is a very acidic product. Very acidic products can reduce the amount of potassium in the body and generate problems such as osteoporosis because they decrease bone density.

Of course, for this to happen the amounts ingested must be really excessive, but it is important to take this fact into account.

A large amount of apple cider vinegar or any other vinegar can create an irritation in the digestive tract also as a result of the acidity of this product.

Do you know anyone who can use this information? Do not hesitate to send them all these beneficial uses that impact positively on our health.

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