10 Amazing Uses Of Activated Carbon You Have To Know!

10 Amazing Uses Of Activated Carbon You Have To Know!

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Nature gives us many healing substances that bring hundreds of benefits to the body. Many times we do not take advantage of their benefits by ignorance. This is especially the case of activated carbon.

That’s why we want to talk about all the qualities of activated carbon, a black powder that was already used thousands of years before Christ.

Their power to absorb the harmful substances of both the human body and the environment have made it a lifeline in many situations. Keep reading to find out all the benefits you can get out of this dust. Its uses will surprise you!

Applications of activated carbon

It is an amalgam of coconut shell and some types of wood, whose healing properties are very powerful.

You can start to ingest it at home, but if you do it is necessary to consume about 12 glasses of water a day, to avoid dehydration. You should never swallow it within 90 minutes of another drug you are using.

Among its beneficial properties, it is possible to mention:

Decreases bad cholesterol. It is just as effective as prescription drugs for this, according to studies that show that it is only possible after 4 weeks of use to see the results.

Antidote against pitting. Just mix a little coal with aloe vera and place on the wound, you will extract the poison from the animal that bit you. It is even effective with some snakes.

Prevents aging. Eliminates toxins from the body by cleansing the liver and kidneys. This with only 500 milligrams daily.

Easy mask. If you want to lighten your skin or exfoliate it, mix charcoal, essential oils and aloe vera.

Whiter teeth . Wet your brush and add activated charcoal. Brush normally and then rinse thoroughly.

Detoxifies the intestine . Drink 10 milligrams of carbon 90 minutes before eating to cleanse your digestive system of the chemicals you consume with food.

Stomach problems. One capsule will relieve heaviness after eating, and 500 milligrams before meals prevents gas.

Purifies the environment. Place activated carbon in your water and air filter to capture toxins and chemicals.

Get rid of mold. If there is mold in your home, it is likely to be inside your body too, affecting kidneys, liver, brain and heart. Properly clean areas of your home that have mold.

First Aid . For both humans and pets, it is useful in the event of poisoning or poisoning.

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