The Alluring Passion Flower And Its Magnificent Benefits!

The Alluring Passion Flower And Its Magnificent Benefits!

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The first thing you will do is select the passion flower herb to treat the problem of insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

To begin to prepare your syrup, you must make an infusion or cook the passion flower plant.


Pour boiling water over the herbs (in the case of infusion), or boil the medicinal plant directly with the water (cooking). The difference between these methods is to facilitate the extraction of the healing properties, therefore cooking is recommended mainly for the more rustic parts, such as the bark or the root.

 When you have your infusion or cooking, let it rest for ¼ or ½ hour, depending on the preparation you have made.

Now place your infusion or cooking in a pot and begin to warm it gently, while adding the same amount of honey. Brown sugar or panela also serves, but I advise that you use honey as it gives a consistency and flavor more pleasant to the syrup, as well as it contributes much of its important healing properties.

Do not forget to stir continuously so that the ingredients are well integrated and prevent the honey or sugar from sticking together. When the preparation acquires the typical consistency of the syrups, it is ready for you to take it away from the fire.

Let it cool down a bit and you can feed it to your patient. If you prepared more than you need at the time, there is no problem, you can store it for the next time. Be sure to store it in a glass container and seal it with a cork stopper to allow it to breathe, otherwise, it could explode.

Place the container in a cool and dark place and you will have a small reserve of natural remedies.

 You just have to find out which is the most suitable plant for your problem and get to work to prepare your natural syrup of any remedy you need.
We advise that you always consult your doctor and that you perform medical checks if your health needs it. We only give you an informative point of reference.

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