14 Signs That You Are Close To A Negative Person That Is Soaking Up Your Energy And Is Making You Unhappy!

14 Signs That You Are Close To A Negative Person That Is Soaking Up Your Energy And Is Making You Unhappy!

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14 signs that you are close to a negative person that is making you unhappy. You must avoid these people to preserve your energy and be happy in your life.

Did anyone order a delicious fillet? She had no problem mentioning mad cow disease.

Did anyone think about their next vacation?

Surely she would discuss some terrible hurricane. Typical comments of that sad and sarcastic trombonist tone at the end of each of his interventions.

We all know someone like that, maybe it could be a work buddy, a relative, or even a friend. Negative personalities not only live under a perpetual cloud, but seem to be much happier when they spread their anxiety to someone else. It can be strenuous to be around someone like that, and it might even be very handy to have a shield to protect you from the negative vibes that are trying to ruin your day … A shield … maybe not such a bad idea … Consider these statements as an emotional shield for when you are close to someone who is allergic to optimism.

1) I will not acquire this personality.

2) I can not change to (insert a name here), but I can be a model of good behavior.

3) I follow my own path of happiness.

4) I have an open and positive mind.

5) I am focused on my own success.

6) The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful my life will be.

7) I edit my life and its contents.

8) Today I let go of something negative of my life.

9) Each positive thought erases one negative.

10) Other people do not control my emotions. I do.

11) There is magic, beauty and grace happening around me.

12) Today is my day.

13) I live a life full of gratitude.

14) I take responsibility for my full life.

What statements do you use when you feel squeezed by someone with negative energy?

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