Lymph Node Inflammation – This Is Why It Happens And What You Can Do To Prevent It And Get Rid Of It!

Lymph Node Inflammation – This Is Why It Happens And What You Can Do To Prevent It And Get Rid Of It!

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Lymph Node Inflammation

Lymph node inflammation is a very common condition that usually originates due to a variety of factors, such as common infections, or a level of low defenses in the body.

When our defenses go down, it is very common for tissue fluid (lymph) to accumulate excessively in our body, which can lead to inflammation of the lymph node.

Swelling of a lymph node: What should I do?

When we have swollen lymph nodes, it is very important to remain calm in this situation, since although the condition itself can become very annoying, and seem more serious, in 80% of cases it is due to only one Simple infection, easy to treat under medical treatment.


Lymph nodes are a kind of networked system that spreads throughout our organism, just like the blood vessels. They are composed of lymphocytes, and their main function is to help and protect our immune system, thus strengthening our organism, eliminating any kind of foreign and harmful external toxins or agents.

The lymph nodes are very small, reaching about 1.5 cm. That is why we almost never notice its existence, unless they ignite.


There are a variety of factors that can be associated with this condition. Very often, after having the flu, we can notice in our neck a small bump, or other times, when we shower, we can notice this bump in the armpits.

Let us now look at the main causes of lymph node inflammation:

– After suffering from the flu or a cold, as our immune system is weakened.

– Mouth inflammation may also be a cause of lymph node inflammation.

– Ear inflammation and infection is also a frequent cause of lymph node inflammation.

– Mouth ulcers can also cause this condition.

– Tuberculosis or tonsillitis are diseases that can also make our lymph nodes swell.

– Rheumatoid arthritis can also be the cause of this problem.

– Some medications can lead to lymph node inflammation as a side effect.

– Leukemia is also a cause of this condition, sometimes.


Generally, it is very easy to notice when a lymph node is inflamed. When you detect some of these symptoms, it is important that you see your doctor right away, so that you can be guided towards proper treatment.

Lump in the groin, neck, armpit or clavicle.

Fever or night sweats.

There may also be some pain in the area.


Although there is no magic formula to 100% effective prevention of inflammation of lymph nodes, if there are some guidelines you can follow, to strengthen your immune system, and prevent this disease.

– Eat lots of vitamin C: Add to your daily eating habits, more citrus, natural juices, fruit salads, etc.

– Eat vitamin E: Present in green leafy vegetables, nuts, oats, wheat, etc.

– Take care of your levels of zinc, iron and selenium: These substances can be found in olive oil, lean meat, legumes, salmon, pumpkin, etc.

Important note:

Beware of stress! Remember that high levels of stress and anxiety fill our organism with toxins, which very negatively affect our immune system.

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