Stop Buying Cheese! This Is How You Can Make A World-Class Cheese At Home!

Stop Buying Cheese! This Is How You Can Make A World-Class Cheese At Home!

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One of the life’s greatest pleasures is food, do not you agree? But the food and especially cheese is much more pleasant when we make it ourselves, with our own hands and for the people we love the most.

What a great satisfaction is to see how our children or grandchildren enjoy eating something delicious!

But the novelty we bring you today is that we are going to teach you how to prepare one of the most popular dairy products that both boys and girls like: cheese.

This product is so versatile that we can include it in many meals as an ingredient, as part of a salad, infaltable in the sandwiches or even as the French usually eat it, as a dessert and accompanied by a good wine.

But besides this, the cheeses can be classified in innumerable types according to their elaboration and the ingredients that compose them.

So to this base cheese that we are going to teach you to prepare, you can add herbs, spices, pepper or some other flavor that is to your liking.

To make this fresh cheese, you will need:

– 1 liter of whole milk (if you get fresh milk freshly milked, so much the better)

– Juice of half a lemon.

– 1 natural yogurt.

– 1 meter of gauze (the one that is bought in the pharmacy).

– 1 pot.

– 1 mold of 12 cm.


– Heat the milk for 15 minutes but do not boil.

– Add the tablespoons of yogurt one at a time by stirring each time to dissolve until completely incorporated.

– Add the lemon juice and continue mixing.

– By this time the milk will have already been cut but you will continue stirring with a wooden spoon during 40 minutes approximately.

– Remove from the heat, let cool and pour the preparation in a pot or another container by pouring through the gauze.

– This way you are going to separate the whey from the cheese. Try applying pressure to drain all the liquid.

– At this time you can add the condiments you want to give the desired taste to your cheese and then go through the gauze to continue removing the excess serum.

– You can also apply weight on the cheese that you will put inside a container to help drain the remaining liquid. While it should remain refrigerated.

– You’re almost done! Remove, adjust the seasoning and place in a mold on which you can also apply weight to give it consistency.

– Keep refrigerated for 8 hours before consuming.

You already have your cheese ready to share with family or friends.

Remember that cheeses have a high nutritional value and are easy to include in food, because as we said before, we can prepare countless recipes that include cheeses.

The energetic value of the cheese depends basically on its fat content, especially the milk that is used to make it and precisely for that, we recommend that it be with freshly milked milk. We know that it is not easy to obtain this type of milk but if you had the possibility to obtain it your cheese would increase in energy value and in flavor.

The cheese contains water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin B1 and B2 and also fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and B. It is also a very important source of calcium and phosphorus which is one of the main attributes of cheese being both indispensable to strengthen the bone system.

Never stop including this healthy dairy product in your diet.

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